Short Courses

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Advanced Fashion Illustration

Students will learn how to have a more artistic and creative approach towards fashion illustration. We will learn 5 different styles of contemporary and classic fashion illustration. The student will experiment with various styles thus giving him/her more tools to develop his/her own style.

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Basic Drawing for Design

The course will introduce students basic drawing skills for design. Through this course, students will be able to draw lines, angles, forms, parallel lines and have a secure and continuous line in drawing.

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Pattern Cutting for Beginners

Learn how to cut patterns for a basic skirt, top and dress. The course will include demonstrations & practice of body measurements, pattern drafting, basic modelling on the dress stand, basic pattern manipulation, and pleats and vents

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B-Stylish Personal Styling Course

This course introduces a complete guide to fashion styling for all body shapes, occasions, seasons and styles, looking at the latest fashion trends. Each Interactive lesson will explore a variety of practical techniques used to create or enhance a stylish new wardrobe for every season, trend and occasion.

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Photography Fundamentals

The course is designed for students who desire to improve their knowledge and become more creative in photography. Learn how to handle and master all the camera settings, the importance of light in photography, how to use efficiently the Aperture/ Shutter Speed/ ISO trio, and composition and framing.

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Pattern Cutting For Beginners

Pattern cutting is a fascinating subject and an important skill to have in your first steps of entering the fashion industry. This course is designed to introduce and give you the fundamental knowledge and skills to create a set of basic patterns with industry’s standard.

With the completion of the course, you will also be able to create patterns for a final women'swear design of your choice.