Summer short courses


Basic Drawing for Design

The course will introduce students basic drawing skills for design. Through this course, students will be able to draw lines, angles, forms, parallel lines and have a secure and continuous line in drawing.


Idea Generation and Development

Ever wonder how designers come up with creative ideas? Design is not only about final outcome but also about the process of generating ideas.


Basic Fashion Illustration

This course will take you on a fascinating journey towards fashion illustration. With this course you will learn all the steps and process it takes to create your own mannequin and creative fashion illustration.

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Media Experimentation

The course will introduce you to color theory and media experimentation. Through basic and creative exercises, you will create a variety of visual composition while using a diverse range of media.


Interior Design for Beginners

This course is ideal for those who are interested in Interior Design but are new to the subject. Maybe you are thinking about returning to full-time study and would like to build your portfolio for an application. Or maybe you are hoping to make the first steps at changing your career and becoming a professional interior designer.

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Personal Fashion Styling - B-stylist Course

This course introduces a complete guide to fashion styling for all body shapes, occasions, seasons and styles, looking at the latest fashion trends. Each Interactive lesson will explore a variety of practical techniques used to create or enhance a stylish new wardrobe for every season, trend and occasion.


Developing your Fashion Business

Are you considering to set up your own fashion business and are unsure of where to start? Or are you running your own fashion brand and want to develop your business further in the future? This is the right course for you.

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Advanced Fashion Illustration

Students will learn how to have a more artistic and creative approach towards fashion illustration. We will learn 5 different styles of contemporary and classic fashion illustration. The student will experiment with various styles thus giving him/her more tools to develop his/her own style.

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Creative Typography Basics

The manipulation of letters, words and text can enable creative typographic solutions to help clarify, express meaning and produce successful visual communication.

Whether you are a beginner or a professional designer, if you want to find confidence in your own typographic voice, this is the course for you.