Interior Design for Beginners

Course Dates

27th Jun 2024, 13.30 - 16.00 every Tuesdays and Thursdays

About this Course

The Interior Design for Beginners short course will give you the practical skills and knowledge to create a design for a domestic space. Through the selection of presentations and workshops, you will learn the fundamentals of planning an interior design scheme and develop an awareness of design for domestic space.

The course will involve a mix of creative exercises and workshops. This will lead you through the basics of interior design as well as the fundamentals of the design process to completing a finished project.

You will be introduced to creative thinking, three-dimensional skills and analysis as you begin to plan and stylise a residential interior space. There will be an emphasis on developing your practical design skills as you learn how to produce concept boards and scale drawings.

It is advised that students work in their own time between the sessions to advance the project and complete the course requirements.

Topics covered

  • Client brief
  • Analysing an existing interior space
  • Concept boards
  • Presenting work to a client
  • Scale drawing at scale 1:20 (plans and elevations)
  • Rendering techniques
  • Model making techniques
  • Sample boards
  • Presentation methods for mounting work

Course outcomes

By the end of this course, you will have developed a range of design-related skills, and the confidence to start applying your skills to your domestic design scheme. You will leave the course with several newfound design-related skills as well as work to add to a portfolio.

You can use the produced work in your portfolio. You will also demonstrate good practice in research by producing a dynamic sketchbook.

Entry Requirement

No. Students from 15 year-old can register for the course. The course is ideal for you if:

  • you want to use the produced work to create your portfolio to apply to a university
  • you work in the creative industry
  • you have an interest in art and design


Evgennia (3).jpg

Evgennia Ivanycheva

Lecturer in Illustration, Interior Architecture & Design

Evgeniia Ivanycheva is an interior designer with over a decade of experience specializing in diverse projects within the food and beverage, hospitality, and residential sectors across various locations and settings, with projects featured in esteemed publications such as SALON Interior and AD Magazine.

Coming from a theatrical set design background, she brings a unique perspective to her work, considering not only the visual aesthetics but also emphasizing factors such as acoustics, temperature, tactile experiences, and lighting scenarios, recognizing their significance in enhancing human well-being. Her teaching philosophy revolves around the idea that design should be purposeful, functional, sustainable, and relevant to its location and original intention.

As a creative professional, she values continuous learning and development. She has obtained certificates from Chelsea College of Art and Design and Milano Business School, where she completed the HORECA Project Design & Marketing program. She is currently pursuing a LEED Green Associate certification, further expanding her knowledge and expertise in sustainable design practices.

Evgeniia is a multidisciplinary artist exploring different kinds of medium and styles. As a creator, her objective is to explore the extraordinary nature of ordinary objects. She is currently living and working in Hanoi where has been creating using watercolors, photography, Al, and more.


Myles Cummings

Programme Leader: Interior Architecture & Design

Myles Cummings is a highly experienced design lecturer with a career spanning over 25 years in academic teaching at such esteemed institutions as Birmingham City University, the University of Greenwich in the UK, Raffles University Iskandar (Malaysia) and the University of Sharjah ( UAE).

He trained as an Architect and graduated from the Manchester School of Architecture but his career to date is multidisciplinary with crossover between architecture, interior, furniture, and exhibition design. He also has experience in the creative direction and production of multimedia projects, photography and 3d visualization and animation, and is the recipient of several awards for animation, photography and short films. Additionally his writing & photography has been published internationally in such journals as Urbis, New Design, and Computer Arts magazine.

In teaching Myles seeks to enthuse students with his own passion for design, whilst encouraging students to, above all else, be motivated by their own interests and curiosity.

Alumni & Students


Trinh Duc Cuong

Interior Designer

"Thanks to the scholarship here, I can fill in the missing pieces of my knowledge and thinking that I haven’t ever learned at my university before. The scholarship creates a strong driving force help me pursue my passion.”


Lê Phương Liên

Interior Designer

“The teachers at LCDF are so amazing, they’re there whenever you need them and have been encouraging and supporting the whole way through.”


VND 14,900,000

How to Apply

You can apply the course online or obtain application form from our college.
For further information on how to apply, please visit the How to Apply page.