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If you passionate about creativity and expect to share your future vision, don’t forget to join this competition. This is an excellent opportunity for you to express yourself and start your journey in creative industry!

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What do you think about Vietnam in the next 20 years? Research the most distinctive and unique features of your country or home town. Then design an identity or symbols to identify your home town or the country in the year 2040. Express your own thoughts and expectations for the changes that will develop in the next 20 years.

You need to make sure that the design will be easily identified by the audience through the appropriate media.

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Mr. Mark Bellingham, Head of Judging Pannel in Vietnam - Where I live 2019

“Vietnam is transforming and becoming a bright spot in the region by keeping the Covid-19 pandemic under control. The country is turning into a very interesting and worthwhile place to live for all generations as well as for people who visit and work here from other countries. Hopefully in the next 20 years, the country of Vietnam will develop even further with the revolutionary achievements of the Vietnamese people.

‘Vietnam in the next 20 years’ is such a meaningful topic for this year’s competition". Shared by Mr. Mark Bellingham, Head of Judging pannel in Vietnam - Where I live 2019.

‘Vietnam - Where I live’ competition has been through 5 seasons with more than 1000 designs from different parts of Vietnam. The competition has awarded many prizes for young students who have passion in creativity and wish to develop their career further in the design industry.

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Winners of “Vietnam- Where I live” Season 5 (2019-2020)

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Exhibition of Top 50 designs of Vietnam - Where I live competition

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