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‘A City that overcomes the storm’ What makes this artwork become so viral?


‘A city that overcomes the storm’ is the artwork of graphic designer Nguyen Minh Hoang. The work includes all the iconic attractions of Da Nang city such as Han Market, Dragon Bridge, Sun Wheel, and the administrative center of the city. All of them are on a fishing boat - a traditional profession of the people of Da Nang. The waves look strong in the wind but the boat is still steady thanks to the protective embrace of the hand. Interestingly, the name ‘A city that overcomes the storm’ coincides with the current situation of Da Nang while the city is in the fight against the 2nd wave of Covid-19.

1 có mot thanh pho vuot qua bao to.jpg

The sentimental artwork expressing the love for Da Nang

Born and raised in Da Nang, famous singer My Tam and designer Nguyen Cong Tri have also shared the artwork in order to support their home town.

2 co thanh pho vuot qua bao to my tam.jpg

The post received 76k likes after 2 days

3 co thanh pho vuot qua bao to 3.jpg

With a large community of 56k followers like Hi Da Nang, a post with 1,5k likes proves how much the artwork influences everybody

Designer Nguyen Minh Hoang shared that the artwork was composed in 2015, inspired by the great storms that swept the Central region of Vietnam, leaving much damage. With all of his compassion, Hoang determined to illustrate a strong and resilient Da Nang to encourage everyone's spirit.

“Today, my friends in Da Nang told me that ‘The city that overcomes the storm’ is being shared by a lot by people and Facebook pages with a strong, meaningful message and hope for 'The most livable city of Vietnam’ will quickly recover after the 2nd wave of Covid-19 pandemic. As the creator of the picture, Hoang feels honored that his work has been well-received by everyone in Da Nang and used as propaganda with a positive message”.

“Da Nang has been through several ‘storms’ and now it's another one. But Hoang believes that with everyone's solidarity, everything will be fine and the city will overcome the situation soon. I hope Da Nang will regain stability and people there will soon return to their daily routine ”- the designer shared.

The work ‘The city that overcomes the storm’ has brought the 2nd prize to Nguyen Minh Hoang in the design contest "Vietnam Where I live" 2016 cohosted by London College for Design and Fashion- Hanoi and Vietnamese Student Newspaper.

4 minh hoàng.jpg

Nguyen Minh Hoang receiving the prize at ‘Vietnam-where I live competition”

‘Vietnam - Where I live’ is a design competition that focuses on identifiable images and symbols of the homeland in order for the young generation to express their creativity. Besides Nguyen Minh Hoang, there were many contestants that have expressed their love for Da Nang through their works.

5 Da nang.jpg

Another artwork about Da Nang by Tran Duong Minh Hoang

Phạm Hoàng Ân - .jpg

“The 20 year old Da Nang” by Pham Hoang An

6 da nang.png

Nguyễn Minh Hoàng.jpg

Iconic attractions of the city like Sun Wheel, Dragon Bridge, Love Bridge appeared quite often.


Danang City by Nguyễn Thị Hương

The award ceremony of the Vietnam Where I live competition this year just took place with the first prize belonged to "The Soul of Kontum" by Nguyen Thu Huong

7 linh hon kon tum.png

“Perhaps when I mention Kon Tum, people will be curious because it seems that it rarely appears on media, but its beauty will bring you a surprise. It is a small, peaceful city nestled in the middle of high mountains and thick forest”- Thu Huong said about her work.

Mr. Mark Bellingham – the head judge of the competition shared, “Vietnam is transforming and becoming a bright spot in the region by keeping the pandemic under control. It is promised that in the next 20 years, the country of Vietnam will develop drastically with the revolutionary achievements in science and technology. What do you think about Vietnam 20 years from now?

Vietnam in the next 20 years’ is the theme of the 6th season of the competition.

For further information about the competition, please follow this web link: