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Graphic Design alumni shared their experience with students


Phương Thao, Minh Nguyet, Minh Y, Danni are our first alumni in Graphic Design.

Designers Profile:

Nguyễn Phương Thảo: BA Graphic Design at University of the West of England (UWE)

Minh Nguyệt: Graphic Designer at Brandex - Hanoi.

Minh Ý: Graphic Designer at Rice Creative – Ho Chi Minh City

Minh Hoàng: Graphic Designer at Tree studio – Ho Chi Minh City

Danni: Freelance Graphic Designer

Are the responsibilities of a graphic designers in the real world differ from what you have imagined before?

Phương Thảo: The reality is that graphic design is not just about art and dream. Projects often require applicability towards a specific group of clients so there is a lot to think about in addition to expressing your creativity.

Minh Hoàng: When you get a job, the more professional the environment is, the more pressure there is and the job demands resilience and dedication.

a quan viet nam noi toi song.jpg

Minh Hoang’s work that won the 1st runner-up at “Vietnam- where I live” competition.

Many people have named themselveds as Graphic Designers, but they only need to study technical skills courses in order to be in this position. What are the differences between these people and someone who actually take a full undergraduate programme at the design institution?

Minh Nguyệt – Minh Ý - Danni : Design thinking

Minh Hoàng: If you study technical software skills only in order to get a job, you'll the ideas of others mainly to solve customers’ problems.

People who attend design schools will have more graphic design background knowledge and use this as a strong foundation. They may not be very skilful at using software, but they will know where to start creative projects, how to expand their ideas, and know what to do to proactively solve customers’ problems.

Phương Thảo: People who go to design schools are trained to develop their personal aesthetics, their skills to analyze problems, brainstorm ideas, and they use software as a tools to express their ideas.

phuong thao 4.png

Phuong Thao’s graduate project at LCDF - Hanoi. She used life drawing techniques to illustrate Hanoi cuisines

What are the most important things that a Graphic Designer should know?

Minh Nguyệt – Danni: Design Thinking

sai gon sai gon danni.jpg

Project Saigon-Saigon by Graphic Designer Danni.


Another Typographic works by Danni for a seminar about Typography in Culture (2019) in Hanoi. Danni was also a guest speaker at this event.

Phương Thảo: Research skills. When you’re designing something it’s very important to understand the customers, the characteristics of the product and the competitors to be able to offer the most appropriate design solution.

Minh Ý: Critical thinking, understanding about the society/culture and know how to transform this into actual products.

minh y 3.jpg

Graphic Designer Minh Ý is more specialized in packaging design, especially for cosmetic products.

Minh Hoàng: Knowing about graphic design principles and customer insights. Everything has its structure and when we understand that structure, we will solve the problem faster.

minh hoang.png

A design by Minh Hoang comparing the differences in culture between Hanoi and Saigon.

Do you have anything to share with graphic design students who are about to start their career ?

Phương Thảo: In order to convince employers, you will need an impressive portfolio along with a humble and sincere attitude. When writing a cover letter, you also need to be polite. Also one thing I’ve learned is you need to know your own values (do not settle for what’s not worthy of your dedication).

Minh Nguyệt: Prepare your portfolio well. Be self-motivated, always eager to learn new things, and be able to show your capabilities and potential.

Minh Ý: Organize works in your portfolio according to the requirement of the positions that you are applying. Show them that you really care about the company and really want the job, and don’t forget to prove that you are able to handle it.

Minh Hoàng: Prepare an impressive portfolio, be prepared that you will be tested in order for the employer to see your skills as you will have to present your portfolio to everyone in the company.

Anything else that you want to share with LCDF-Hanoi students?

Phương Thảo: Try to be creative as much as you can when you’re still in the college. Hard work and patience pay off.

Minh Ý: Please take advantage of your student time to do more personal projects. Read more, learn about everything around you, not just art and design.

Minh Hoàng: Keep learning and improving yourself because the world is constantly changing. If you refuse to change, you will be eliminated from the game.

Danni: Try to freely express your creativity when you are still in school. In the future, it will be hard to find a job that can bring you any similar opportunities; there will always be limitations that hold you back. Work hard and reflect on your capabilities and passion if needed and don’t be too passive.

Minh Nguyệt: If I could turn back time, I would be more hardworking so that I wouldn’t have to struggle with stress and deadlines.

minh nguyet.jpg

A graphic design work by Nguyen Minh Nguyet

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