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White shirts – Pure but non-monotonous

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Shirts are an indispensable product in every one’s wardrobe. This is also the first projects of Fashion & Textile students at London College for Design & Fashion. Let’s see the unique works from our future designers!

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Inspired by the buildings designed by Zaha Hadid and Hoi An's ancient architecture, Do Phuong Thao has created a shirt with both traditional and modern feature.

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People who wear it can feel a strong, liberal style, which was demonstrated through wide spread waist and sleeves, representing the lines of modern architecture.

Nguyen Chau (2).jpg

Beautiful butterfly was the inspiration for Nguyen Minh Chau's to create this design. Although the body is made of transparent fabric, the graceful butterfly wings cover both the sleeves and the chest create an attraction for everyone who look at it.

Nguyen Chau (1).jpg

Every girl who works in the art industry will be the ideal customers of this design.

Vu tran ngoc Linh (1) - Copy.jpg

Vu Tran Ngoc Linh wishes to bring the whole ocean into this design, in which beautiful Betta fish is the main theme.

Vu tran ngoc Linh (8).jpg

The soft, fluffy lines of the fish tail are shown by the sewing method in the sleeve and waist area. The sea waves and the two main colors are blue and white have shown in this complete concept.

Vu tran ngoc Linh (1).jpg

People wearing this shirt will feel light, soaring and be able to wear it in any circumstances, whether to work or hang out with friends.

Trần quỳnh Nhi (2).jpg

Inspired by the love of spiders, Tran Quynh Nhi wanted to create a unique and styled shirt.

Trần quỳnh Nhi (1).jpg

Designed exclusively for "non-monotonous" girls, who confidently shows her own style and love fashion.

Nguyễn Thanh Hiền (1) - Copy.jpg

Nguyen Thanh Hien's design was inspired by the captive beasts, which constantly fought to escape and sought for freedom.

The author wants customers to feel strong and confident in this design, also emphasizes a message to protect animals.

Nguyễn Thanh Hiền (2).jpg

Taken idea from the cramped prison cell, this pristine white shirt makes people relate to an armor which is bold and strong.

Tran quốc Anh (3).jpg

Tran Quoc Anh loves Asian culture and designed a shirt from the image of a classy mask. Customers who interest in Vietnamese contemporary folk art will find this idea really interesting and unique.


Traditional techniques such as embroidery, smocking, and the style show his perspective about cultural values which were handed down over generations.

Pham Thao Anh (1).jpg

Pham Thao Anh is inspired by jellyfish - An extremely attractive creature in the ocean. This design is suitable for young people who love art.

Pham Thao Anh (2).jpg

A special feature of this shirt is the neatly waist and attractive cut-out. Besides, the puffed sleeves is also the trend of spring-summer 2019.

tran thai binh 1.jpg

Inspired by the separation between lovers; the design by Tran Thi Thai Binh has a multi-layered pattern, symbolizing the different emotions that are sad, miserable and love.

Tran thai binh 2.jpg

Follow the 2019 trend, with gloomy white tones like white roses or doves - symbols of pure love. The puffed sleeves design like petals which were arranged in layers like bird wings on the background of linen and chiffon silk, giving customers the feeling of lightness and serenity.