Students & Alumni


Lam Gia Khang

Self-employed, Gia Studio

“Creative environment, experienced teachers and great facilities, LCDF – Hanoi is the best place to help me to fulfill my dream”


Nguyen Khac Trung (Bobby Nguyễn)

Fashion Photographer

“A lot of people think that fashion design is just about drawing a set of clothes, making a dress. But no. Studying at LCDF - Hanoi is where I have gained knowledge, understanding about the fashion industry and having for myself a delicate aesthetic sense. The lecturers have somehow waken up the passion inside of me”.


Le Lan Huong

Fashion Stylist

"All the knowledge I gained from the college is so valuable. I was taught how to brainstorm ideas, finding my own style and doing research about fashion trends to create my own characteristic and practical designs. I have also learnt to become patient and pay attention to the details."

phuong linh.jpg

Ngo Phương Linh

Diễn viên, người mẫu

“The lecturer made the class so exciting and constantly give very up-to-date examples about popular brands. The knowledge that he shared was very practical which gave students insight into their brand and also helped them know what to do when they want to build a brand from scratch.”

Nguyen Van Hoan

Nguyen Van Hoan

Pattern Cutter in London, UK. LCDF - Hanoi Graduate 2012

I had chance to study in UK and worked for a fashion company after graduation. I’ve realized that pattern cutting seems not to be interesting for me at the beginning but then be a very important part in fashion production because this technique helps to build proper form and finish the products at high quality.


Nicky Vu

MA Fashion, Central Saint Martins, UK, LCDF - Hanoi Graduate 2012

I feel very excited with the valuable learning experience I receive every day. LCDF- Hanoi is the best design college in Hanoi that I have ever known that has supported and encouraged me to continue studying abroad.


Vu Ta Linh

Fashion Designer, First Vietnamese winner in Star Creation 2013. LCDF - Hanoi graduate 2012

“LCDF is always my family, supporting me to access to international fashion design competitions, experiencing life and gaining further knowledge.”

minh ha.jpg

MC Minh Hà

MC Vietnam Television

“I possess a master degree in Business Administration. However, I still had difficulties when I go to work because expectations and realities are always different. The lecturer of the course is specialized in Branding & Marketing and knowledgeable about the characteristics of the fashion industry that other courses can not bring this. ”

duong thi phuong hien.JPG

Duong Thi Phuong Hien

Director, Babeeni Fashion LLC

"The course gives me an overall knowledge about fashion business and make me become more confident to start a new brand."


Diego Cortizas

Self-employed, Chula Fashion Brand

“Great teachers, nice space, helpful staff and as well the mates are so interesting that I always learn more that I was expecting"


Kelly Bui

Self-employed, Kelly Bui Fashion Brand

“Thanks to LCDF–Hanoi. I come here to remind me of my student time and to meet with many future designers whom designers for Kelly Bui brand.”


Quang Trung

Director, Vietnam Brand Ambassador, LLC

"This course helps me to re-position my brand in the market based on core values. More important, I have more ambitious vision towards the high end market."


Dan Ni

Graphic Designer

“I am very happy to be surrounded by this creative environment. The teaching methodology is very new and different form other colleges and universities here. I have learned to think independently and creatively.”

minh hoang

Nguyen Minh Hoang

Graphic Designer

UK lecturers and international students here make me feels like studying in the UK. After studying at LCDF Hanoi, I have become more mature in my life as well as improving my design knowledge. Practice help me stimulate my creativity, raise research skills and generate my own personal style.”


Trinh Duc Cuong

Interior Designer

"Thanks to the scholarship here, I can fill in the missing pieces of my knowledge and thinking that I haven’t ever learned at my university before. The scholarship creates a strong driving force help me pursue my passion.”


Lê Phương Liên

Interior Designer

“The teachers at LCDF are so amazing, they’re there whenever you need them and have been encouraging and supporting the whole way through.”


Amy Quynh Anh

BA (Hons) Fashion, Istituto Marangoni, London - UK, Graduate student in 2010

LCDF – Hanoi has given me a comprehensive knowledge in overall process in the fashion industry. That’s why I’m very confident for studying transfer to the UK for Fashion Business with the hope to create my own successful fashion brand in the future


Bùi Quỳnh Giao

Seft-employed, Gigi, Graduate student in 2010

My today’s success is originated from the teachers with wonderful help and enthusiasm from my first lesson to massive graduate fashion show and exhibition


Joelle Firzli

Self-employed, Fashion Editor, Marie Claire Arabia magazine

I cried and I laughed, I learned and I shared. LCDF pushes you, help you learn to take the ordinary into extraordinary


Le Duyen Huong

Director, L'Aterlier Fashion Brand, Graduate student in 2009

I am managing my own business at the moment. During my first foray into the fashion market, I did not know much about garment construction, digital graphics or the fashion business. However, my lecturers at LCDF-Hanoi helped me fulfill my dreams.


Nguyen Diep Yen

Fashion Designer - Lobbster - Graduate student 2012

I was taught a variety of techniques in fashion design during my time studying at LCFS Hanoi, which was a valuable experience. This encouraged me to continue studying overseas and establish my own brand. The learning environment here in the UK is quite stressful, strict and modern. This has helped me to develop effectively in not only my professional career but also in my life.


Pham Anh Dao

Fashion Designer. BA (Hons) Fashion, Northumbria University - UK, Graduate student in 2009

I feel easier to be adaptive and get along with international friends when transferring to the UK from LCDF – Hà Nội.

Chu Thuy Hang.jpg

Thuy Hang

Founder, KIEU fashion brand

"Aesthetic isn’t everything. A critical and strategic mindset is what really matters."