Graduate Fashion Week

Each year, the London College for Design & Fashion (Hanoi) hosts a Graduate Fashion Week where we show off the work from our graduating Fashion & Textiles programme students. The Graduate Fashion Week features a fashion show, exhibitions, workshops, and expert interviews.

Graduate Fashion Show

See the latest creations of the graduate students in Fashion & Textiles programme on the catwalk.

Graduate Exhibition

By joining the Graduate Fashion Week August 2019, you will have a chance to:

  • Feature collections from graduate students in the Fashion & Textiles programme through exhibition, film and catwalk
  • Investigate British design education technology, from concept to production through project works
  • Meet directly with members of the LCDF staff, students and representatives from the UK to find out about courses experience, internship opportunities, study transfer to the UK
  • Join our talkshows and workshops by British professionals
  • Attend an exhibition of traditional brocade weaving villages with delicate handcrafted products made from natural cotton fibers such as hats, scarves, bags, shoes, sandals, makeup boxes, tablecloths, etc.
  • Participate in community activities “New Clothes, New School Year” to help raise funds to produce new clothes for disadvantaged children living in poverty in the northern region of Vietnam.
  • Register to see the Graduate Fashion Show featuring the final creations of the students in Fashion & Textiles Programme at 7:30pm on 09th and 10th August 2019

Event Registration

The graduate fashion exhibition is free entrance to the public. The Graduate Fashion Show is for our invited guests and companies only. Registration will be on “first comes first serve” basis. To enhance the spirit of the event, we encourage you to donate VND 250,000 to our community activity "New clothes, New school year” by LCDF-Hanoi’s students and staff to design clothes for disadvantaged children in Vietnam.