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T-SHIRT DESIGN COMPETITION FOR LCDF – HANOI There will be a prize of 3,000,000VND (Three million Vietnam dong) for the winner and also  a prize of 1,000,000VND (One million Vietnam dong) for the fastest and  best design voted by  LCDF – Hanoi’s fanpage. - Design a T-shirt  for London college for Design and Fashion. - The design must be original and designed sorely by the designer. No plagiarism! - The design must include the college logo and the two brand  colours of LCDF – Hanoi (cyan and magenta) - The design must be on A3 paper - The design must be in colour and shows the front and back views of the garment - Sample fabrics may be attached to the sketches - The presentation must include the followings: Name, address, Date of birth, mobile, email Please send your design to our Student Service Centre via email or directly in person by 12th March 2017 Voting is from 27th February to 13th March 2017 on LCDF – Hanoi’s fanpage. - - Facebook: hocvienthoitranglondonhanoi