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New thinking about graphic design

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In modern life, the demand on people has been increasing, as a result, graphic design has been changed significantly. There are not only printed design products but also interactive and active illustrations that engaged more with the public. Graphic design is the process of selecting and structuring words, images and messages to other formats in order to communicate and connect with the audience. The discipline is often recognized as leaflets, name cards, logos, packing, cover of books and magazines, etc. However, there is much more to graphic design. That shows the dominant and huge influence of design on people’s life.

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An advertising poster illustrated by Armin Hoffman - Graphic designer in 1959; this is an illustration for the birth of International Typographic Style applied until now. Layout between the letters and images is the recipe of visual arts to attract customers. (Image of design works of students of graphic design - London College for Design and Fashion, Hanoi) All companies need brand identification to compete. (Image of design works of students of graphic design - London College for Design and Fashion, Hanoi) Freda Sack – President of International Society of Typographic Designers said: “Good designers firstly have to be typographers”. Nevertheless, graphic design nowadays not only includes at typography and 2D visualized images, but also combines with melodies and the internet to create moving-static banners, 3D advertising and film maker techniques. In the past, goods could not meet the demand of customers so manufacturer didn’t concern about brand identification and buyer didn’t have lots of choice. However, there are many products nowadays, especially since development of IT has created an online life enabling people buy and sell products via internet. Brand identification and advertising campaigns have been become useful tools to help companies compete and catch the eyes of their clients. New thinking about graphic design0.6340275116950705 Companies are eager to promote their brands on the internet with useful Icons & Button Applications that are designed to catch their customers’ eyes. (Image of the design work of students of Graphic Design faculty - London College for Design and Fashion, Hanoi.) One of the most important factors to help businesses transfer their messages is graphic design. Therefore, new thinking about graphic design, brand identity and advertising products no longer stops at logos, product colors, packaging, product labels and brochures… It has further gained customers by the static banners, flash banner, website interface, application interface, icons & buttons that are used in the phone application, ad clip, internet… New thinking about graphic design0.001819274671076676 The novelty and attraction in the development of graphic design is the reason why the graphic design industry has been attracting many young enthusiasts to follow. According to the statistics of the Center for Workforce forecasting and labor market, in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam currently needs 1,000,000 workers for graphic design. However, the universities and training centers can only provide 40% of the demand. This has created many opportunities for graduates in Graphic Design with high starting salaries. With the creative desire, Dan Ni is studying Graphic Design at London College for Design and Fashion, Hanoi, he said: “Teaching methods at LCDF are new compared to other places, I have learned how to think, creatively and scientifically, rather than just focusing on designing skills. In particular, modern equipment and up to date design soft-wares creates the maximum conditions for learning and practicing. New thinking about graphic design0.7857442908942637 A practical lesson of Dan Ni at London College for Design and Fashion, Hanoi. Dan Ni currently studying 2nd year of graphic design shows recent wok with a creative motion graphic - A new trend which is extremely attractive in design to lure customers more efficiently than traditional designs. Steve Burdett, Dean of London College for Design and Fashion shared his comments about the potential of graphic design industry for young people in Vietnam: “Many people still think that the graphics are just the visual aesthetic, just about nice or bad, rational or irrational. However, graphic design is the art of communication and in the relentless competitive world like today to transfer the message to the right audience is a very important element of a success business. All the famous companies in the world are marketing themselves through global images, full brands, logos and styles. It is imperative that educators and graphics designers must have a new thinking to meet the market demand.”New thinking about graphic design0.9482081854066068New thinking about graphic design0.6466353918970976New thinking about graphic design0.8232294338742392