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If you want to find out about studying Design, do not miss this event

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“I was born in Quang Nam Province. Finishing High school, I was planning to study Architecture. In my hometown, people do not have any idea about Graphic Design that I am passionate about.  I failed the exam to entrance the Architecture University so I had to study Law instead. After finishing 4 years of study, I finally realized once again that my passion has always been Design.” 

“I choose to study Design because I think it was interesting. My family was able to afford to send me to study abroad in Australia. However, the more I studied the more I felt like I was always behind my friends. I realized that this was somehow not my passion. I finished first year then stopped and moved to Economics instead”

“My mother does not want me to study Design because she could not see the future with it. She said this career is not suitable for women”

Above are some of the true stories from the book called “I want to study Design but my mother does not want me to” – a famous career guidance that has been attracting young people recently, especially those who are following the path to become a Designer.

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For young people, figuring out their passions is the first step heading to success.

Through these short shared thoughts, we can clearly see the fogginess in the mind of young people, as well as their parents’, in terms of understanding the Creative industry. Even those who have decided to choose their career as a designer are not “entirely sure” about it.

It is undeniable that Design is a “hot” career in the world nowadays. Let’s take a look around different career websites and you can clearly see that. Thus many people draw their attention to fashion but not many truly understand what this career is really about.

Therefore, we have heard many stories about people who have quit their job and go on another pathway after finishing a few training courses, just like the stories in the beginning of this article. It can be a difficult situation to work on something that is not your passion.

There are many ways that young people can research to understand more about the creative industry, such as asking for experience from your previous generation, researching or asking … Google. However there is one simple but most effective way, that is coming to this Open Day 2017.

If you want to find out about studying Design, do not miss this event0.8974276247531053

One of the most favorite class in the Open Day is Drawing & Illustration. 

Known as one of the biggest UK design education event organized by London College for Design & Fashion in Hanoi, this event will bring you a lot of information through seminars, workshop, demom classes, exhibition, meets and greets.

If you want to find out about studying Design, do not miss this event0.8757864903597037

Graphic Design Studio at the London College for Design & Fashion – Hanoi.

Industrial leaders’ talks, alumni speeches will help future students to learn about practical stories of being designers. Hands-on practical classes will give everyone an overview of the Design industry. Exhibition spaces in the building will be the place where people can see the design development of a student from enrollment to graduation.

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Earning Scholarship from the Young Design talents is the way to bring young people closer to their dreams.

In addition, this event will also provide information on courses; this will be a useful resource for young people who are still struggling with their career choices and also for those who would like to know more about study transfer to the Universities in the UK or worldwide. 

Promising to be informative and fun, the Open Day will take place in the atmosphere of a true festival, where you all can feel the joy and sharing around. Thus, every questions or queries from students or parents will be addressed at the college’s premise. If you truly want to know what Design is, do not miss this event!