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Before-and-after photos show amazing students' life at LCDF - Hanoi

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9. Dang-Son-Linh.jpg

As a creative institution, it is always amazing to show before-and-after photos of students here when they finish high school and begin a new journey of their life.

Most of the clothes that are worn by students here are self-made. There is a rumor at LCDF - Hanoi saying that “99% of new students have changed their own styles drastically after a short time of studying" as they are well-equipped with knowledge about design, trends and use facilities at the college for production.

1. Bui-Thao-Nam.jpg

1 . Bui Thao Nam who is a fashion student has transformed herself into a true minimalist with her pinkish purple hair as the only highlight. Also, her choices of pose and photo background are really cool.

2. Nguyen-Thi-Thuy-Dung.jpg

2 . Another fashion student - Thuy Dung only needed make-up and clothes to transfrom herself into a fashionista.

3. Nguyen-Phuong-Mai.jpg

3 . Phuong Mai (Mei Mei) looked so sweet and kind of shy when she first entered the college. She is now a well-known stylist for creating successful looks for many recent famous music videos in Vietnam.

4. Nguyen-Si-Dai-Nghia.jpg

4 .Nguyen Si Dai Nghia has always been loyal to the color black but over time, his style seems to become more and more trendy and artisitc.

5. Vi-Huyen-Linh.jpg

5 . When we see the photos of Vi Huyen Linh - a Graphic Design student, we think that the older you are, the younger you look.

6. Pham-Thao-Nhi.jpg

6 . A simple tip to be effortlessly cool: all-black outfit with a pair of sunglasses. This is Pham Thao Nhi – our fashion student.

7. pham-ha-an.jpg

7 . Pham Ha An – a Graphic Design student.

8. Pham-Thao-Anh.jpg

8 . This is Pham Thao Anh who is a student from Fashion Design Programme. At LCDF-Hanoi, we respect differences and individuality of each person. That’s why our young future designers have opportunities to “level up” their aesthetics and confidence while studying here.

9. Dang-Son-Linh.jpg

9. Dang Son Linh who has changed so much when finishing high school and becoming a design student at LCDF - Hanoi.

10. Nguyen-Ha-Phuong.jpg

10 . These photos are about Nguyen Ha Phuong after 3 months of studying at LCDF - Hanoi. She is continuing to upgrade her wardrobe for more styles.

10. Vu-Dieu-Linh.jpg

11 . Vu Dieu Linh had her hair cut and became a tomboy when becoming a students in creative environment.

11. vo-ha-an.jpg

12 . Vo Ha An who is a fashion student has always been such an adorable girl. Only a little bit of make-up and some girly clothing items are enough to make her stand out.

12. Tran-Quynh-Nhi.jpg

13 . As a winner of a national graphic design competition "Vietnam - where I live", Tran Quynh Nhi received a scholarship to attend LCDF - Hanoi. This is also a door that led to a huge transformation in her personal style.

If you soon become a student at LCDF-Hanoi, you should be prepared!