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Insider: “Limitless” Fashion Show

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Geared towards becoming Hanoi’s most prestigious UK design college offering quality UK design education, the London College for Design & Fashion has organized its Graduate Fashion Show and Exhibition 2016 called “Limitless” held on the first weekend of August from the 6th until the 7th. Skinny models, out-of-this-world outfits, smartly dressed guests, and proud moms; these were the mix of people at the “Limitless”, this year’s theme for LCDF’s fashion show for the graduating batch of artists and designers held at the Melia Hotel Hanoi on the 7th of August in the early evening. With over a dozen collections from fifteen local designers trained by LCDF’s greatest mentors including Ms. Ha Thi Hang and Mr. Garth Armitage who are the Managing Director and the Director of Studies consecutively, “Limitless” did not disappoint both the honored guests and the media. Knowing that all collections were created by very young students, its inspiring to imagine where these kids are going to be in the years to come once they’ve figured out where they want to pursue their choice of arts and aesthetics. “I got most of my design inspiration from the movie Tron Legacy, and also by Space Travel and NASA technology” discussing politely while smiling, says Tran Anh Duc, the only male fashion designer and the brains behind the Cyborg of Light collection. “Futuristic design never gets old which is why I’m not scared to fall out of trend,” he adds. Using LED lights, minimal design, minimal color, and minimal materials, Duc’s designs look very futuristic, also making him standout from the rest of the pack. Another designer worth mentioning is Pham Ky Duyen, a young and enthusiastic lady who created the Spanish Fiesta collection which is inspired by Flamenco dancing and bullfighting, the distinctive cultural explosion and signature style of Spain. “I’ve always been inspired by Flamenco dancing, even though I don’t really know how to do it myself,” claims Pham in a shy manner. “But I’m happy that somehow I was able to transfer that inspiration to my work and materialize it to my clothes. The best part is, I get to see my models wear them and show it off at the runway,” she excitedly adds. Her clothes were one of the most impressive out of all the collections in the show. The fashion show mainly highlighted and focused on women’s wear, which was understandable as 14 out of 15 designers are also women. Though it was dominated by women’s wear, the collections were so individually unique from each other that it didn't feel that the students ran out of ideas to showcase. Overall, the event left a very good impression to the audience and the future of the fashion industry in the country. This young generation of designers and artists will hopefully bring Vietnam to the international level. Insider: “Limitless” Fashion Show0.855754181669247 Sources: LCDF Link: “Limitless” Fashion Show0.6504805794007075Insider: “Limitless” Fashion Show0.3230624343948556Insider: “Limitless” Fashion Show0.7991600532646923